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If you are wondering what kinds of books I review and events I host, this little section is the place to look. Books I love to read: Children's, Young Adult, Paranormal and Fantasy books. Books I like to read: General Fiction, Romances, Religious Fiction, Mysteries and Biographies. So those are the genres of books I will generally review. If you send me a book outside of those areas, I'll consider it, but it may not fit my tastes. Reviews will take about 2 months to post; I try to post them around the time the book is released. On giveaways: Sending me a signed book to give away on the site is a great way to get your book noticed. I do a "mystery book" giveaway about every 2 weeks, where I read the book and twitter about it without revealing its title, then reveal what I've been reading and give it away. The whole event takes a couple weeks, and I feature the giveaway book on my blog for most of that time.

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Blood Lite II: Overbite
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V is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone: An ABC for Grownups
Seth Godin
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Neil Gaiman
Parting the Veil: The Art of Nene Thomas
Nene Thomas, Bruce Coville
The Art of Amy Brown (Bk. 1)
Matthew(Read by) Ryan, Ilyana(Read by); Brown, Amy Kathleen?(Author) ; Kadushin
The Creativity Book: A Year's Worth of Inspiration and Guidance
Eric Maisel

Webs of Power: A Novel

Webs of Power: A Novel - Darlene Quinn I don't know much about Wall Street or the Stock Market or hostile takeovers, but I get the gist of what they are talking about when stuff comes up in this book. There are certain characters I liked, some I was even more interested in than others. For example, Paige Toddman and her unwanted pregnancy was an interesting story line. There are some characters I wish the author would have shared more about what happened in their past, because sometimes it seemed like there were more interesting things that could have been visited. Like, Ashleigh's past could have had more revealed. So there were some good things and some drama. The book moved at a somewhat fast paced, mostly I think because the chapters were short. There were some characters I had a problems with, though. One in particular was a minor character, but his portrayal still bugged me. His name was Sonny, and he was a very generic, flat-written Irishman with red hair, an Irish accent and green jumpsuit. It kinda annoyed me every time he talked to Paige, and if he said 'Top of the Morning' one more time I think I would have thrown the book. I have been to Ireland. Most Irish don't say that, at least not any where I went ... Or maybe they did in the 80's, which is when this takes place, but it still feels forced. I know it is a minor thing, but sometimes the minor things get to me and can be a distraction. I was more interested in the drama unfolding with the women and not corporate stuff, but I was able to get through it. I think the book lasted too long at the end. I am not saying it was bad, and I am not saying it was great. It was okay