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If you are wondering what kinds of books I review and events I host, this little section is the place to look. Books I love to read: Children's, Young Adult, Paranormal and Fantasy books. Books I like to read: General Fiction, Romances, Religious Fiction, Mysteries and Biographies. So those are the genres of books I will generally review. If you send me a book outside of those areas, I'll consider it, but it may not fit my tastes. Reviews will take about 2 months to post; I try to post them around the time the book is released. On giveaways: Sending me a signed book to give away on the site is a great way to get your book noticed. I do a "mystery book" giveaway about every 2 weeks, where I read the book and twitter about it without revealing its title, then reveal what I've been reading and give it away. The whole event takes a couple weeks, and I feature the giveaway book on my blog for most of that time.

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V is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone: An ABC for Grownups
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The Art of Amy Brown (Bk. 1)
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The Creativity Book: A Year's Worth of Inspiration and Guidance
Eric Maisel

The Fairy Godmother (Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, Book 1)

The Fairy Godmother - Mercedes Lackey You never know what you are getting into when you start a thick book such as this one. Will it move fast? Will it’s chapters be long? For the most part the journey in the book was well paced. The chapters were long and I sometimes felt like I needed an extra break to stop but I love the twist in this tale of Cinderella.

Elena Klovis also know as Ella Cinders in her home town starts out as your almost typical Cinderella story but her prince does not show. Still left with her wicked stepmother and sisters she runs away looking for any life better then what she has. When it seems that no one in her kingdom will take her in her Fairy Godmother comes for her with a proposition... become her apprentice.

I loved the way the world was brought together. Instead of God or Destiny, they have what they call the “Tradition” and it moves everyone in a way that you feel you have to act but Elena and her Godmother believe in changing the “Tradition” and they do just that. They change the fairy tale to outcome that is better suited which is in goodness not evil.

There is an interview in my copy in the back that Mercedes Lackey did. She answers the question “Why do you think women like fantasy?” she says (and I am paraphrasing) that woman are more likely to not settle for things to go wrong not the way they hoped. They look for more, they hope for more. I believe this is why re-told fairy tales are becoming so popular now and why I enjoy a good happy fairy tale.

Now I don’t know if all of the books from this series are happy ones but I have a feeling I will enjoy them much the same as I did this one.