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If you are wondering what kinds of books I review and events I host, this little section is the place to look. Books I love to read: Children's, Young Adult, Paranormal and Fantasy books. Books I like to read: General Fiction, Romances, Religious Fiction, Mysteries and Biographies. So those are the genres of books I will generally review. If you send me a book outside of those areas, I'll consider it, but it may not fit my tastes. Reviews will take about 2 months to post; I try to post them around the time the book is released. On giveaways: Sending me a signed book to give away on the site is a great way to get your book noticed. I do a "mystery book" giveaway about every 2 weeks, where I read the book and twitter about it without revealing its title, then reveal what I've been reading and give it away. The whole event takes a couple weeks, and I feature the giveaway book on my blog for most of that time.

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V is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone: An ABC for Grownups
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The Creativity Book: A Year's Worth of Inspiration and Guidance
Eric Maisel

Kill Dress

Kill Dress - John Young Five hard-working girlfriends love the weekends because that's their time to party. Kim was just dumped by her boyfriend and mourning her loss, and she is surprised to see he had moved on in one day. So the girls decide they need a vacation, especially Kim. And Kim runs into a dress maker who says she can make her the perfect dress, and does so when asked. Although sort of forewarned that the dress is cursed, Kim still wears it even though it might cost the lives of her and her friends.

For the avid reader, it is easy to tell this the first work of fiction by author John Young. He yearns for the story to be good and have message, but he tries to make conversations between the girls sounds realistic and it doesn't work. He also pushes a feminist thought that women should be able to wear what they want without fear, but the girl was told the dress would bring danger, so the message seemed idiotic.

The thing that bothered me the most about this story was the way the women interacted with people and each other. They would say stereotypical things that I only hear in TV shows or movies. Another thing, Kim spent more time mourning her breakup then she did any of her friends' death.

I have read the author's site and his plans for a sequel. I can only hope that he does more research on how woman interact.