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If you are wondering what kinds of books I review and events I host, this little section is the place to look. Books I love to read: Children's, Young Adult, Paranormal and Fantasy books. Books I like to read: General Fiction, Romances, Religious Fiction, Mysteries and Biographies. So those are the genres of books I will generally review. If you send me a book outside of those areas, I'll consider it, but it may not fit my tastes. Reviews will take about 2 months to post; I try to post them around the time the book is released. On giveaways: Sending me a signed book to give away on the site is a great way to get your book noticed. I do a "mystery book" giveaway about every 2 weeks, where I read the book and twitter about it without revealing its title, then reveal what I've been reading and give it away. The whole event takes a couple weeks, and I feature the giveaway book on my blog for most of that time.

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A Change in Altitude: A Novel

A Change in Altitude: A Novel - Anita Shreve The up and downs of this couples relationship in the book seemed understandable at times and then at times ridiculous and I was going to say that is unrealistic but maybe now that I think about the first part of this sentence, I am wrong. It has real moments about a married couple that I don’t think many people can understand why they are together. Instead of the starting the story in on the loved affair that brought them together we are brought in on what starts to drive them to different worlds.

It is not a very happy story I would say that is why I didn’t like very much. It is the kind of story that will depress you if you think about it to much.

I read this for a book club selection but had a hard time finishing it. In fact I am not even sure if I did.

I liked reading about the joyous parts in the book like the wife starting her career and the couple trying hard to work through there differences. There was much joy in this book though. Maybe that is the altitude it was suppose to be on but it made me not enjoy it.