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Tibby and His Friend's Big Secret - Carl Kegerreis
A newspaper boy, Tibby, his dog, and his friends find thrilling secrets happening in their hometown.  At least that is what Tibby thinks unless it is all a dream...


There are some interesting uses of the author’s imagination.  Main character, Tibby has a dog that completely keeps Tibby and friends safe.  The dog is adorable.  I also like the fact that ex-bully Fogel becomes his new best friend.


Even though there are some good things about the story...there was just too much that drove me crazy.  I had to read the book twice and it is not one to read with any distractions (like tv or music). This kids story has two different stories going on and technically you never find out what is real and what isn’t.  Tibby wakes up 3 or 4 times leaving you figure out what was a dream and what wasn’t and it would happen kinda suddenly.


Another issue I had was with Tibby and his friend Rex.  The characters sort of became mushed together.  I was never sure which was talking when and had to reread to find out.


In general this book gave me a headache but that does not mean it was bad. I just think it needs a lot of tweaking.